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Now, let's check and see if I remembered the information and put it into my own words. Or, if students have access to computers but not all at the same time in the classroom, you can ask them to complete this assignment when their turn at the computer comes. custom essay writing for sbi po mains 2017 Ask students what they know about the anaconda. Walk around the classroom, checking the paraphrasing of each pair and providing support if needed. Discovered in , it inhabits the rainforests of the Congo area in Africa.

At the end of this session, ask students to write what information they have learned about the okapi without looking at the computer screens or the shared paraphrases. If there are some students who are having trouble, gather them into a small group and provide more guidance for their practice. buy college essay costco ivy league Download the worksheet ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us.

Worksheet on paraphrasing essay on transportation services tax

Write their responses on the whiteboard. There are other snakes like it that are big, too. Worksheet on paraphrasing See more like this. Handouts must be printed separately. Discovered in , it inhabits the rainforests of the Congo area in Africa.

Discovered in , it inhabits the rainforests of the Congo area in Africa. Then say, "Now, let's think about it and put it into our own words. Worksheet on paraphrasing This explanation should be brief. They found it in Africa in , but that was hard because it lives alone and is hard to find.

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If I can do that, I know I have understood it and I'll remember it longer. Okapis have long tongues so they can reach leaves and fruit on trees. purchase research paper view You may want to explain to students that you wanted to remember that they eat a lot but that you could have included "65 pounds" in the paraphrase if you thought that the actual number was important.

If you cannot paraphrase after reading, it is important to go back and reread to clarify information. Remind students not to write until they have orally or silently paraphrased the information. college essay writers lawyer Paraphrasing is a useful strategy to check to be sure that you have understood when reading something difficult or something that is important to remember. I'd better read it again!

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You might say, "Okay, here I go again, I need to read this, think about it, and then put it into my own words. As one student paraphrases, the other student checks for "using your own words" and remembering the points in the paragraph. Worksheet on paraphrasing You paraphrase by reading something, thinking about what it means, and then restating it in your own words.

If all students do not have access to a computer at the same time, you can print the information ahead of time and have students read the hard copy. You might say, "Okay, I'm going to paraphrase this first paragraph by putting it in my own words. Worksheet on paraphrasing After the previous four sessions, a possible extension would be to identify another topic such as countries, planets, plants , have students brainstorm what kind of questions would be interesting to answer about these, assign print materials or websites for students to read and paraphrase, take notes to answer the questions, and prepare written reports.

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