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While this definition assumes computers, a user guide can provide operating instructions on practically anything—lawnmowers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and so on. Here are the key design features of the body text: User guides typically contain plenty of reference information, but only up to a certain point.

See the chapter on headings for details on planning and designing headings. Instructions should generally use vertical numbered lists for actions that must be performed in a required sequence. custom speech writing hsc board It is pushed to the bottom of the page and uses a smaller type size, probably 7-point, for its body text. Return to the table of contents for the Online Technical Writing Course Guide the online textbook for online technical communication courses at Austin Community College and other institutions worldwide. The book has a 6-page index formatted in 3 column.

Business Continuity Plan Template. A solid ruled line is placed just beneath these headers. help writing my paper xbox 360 System Administration Guide Template. The back cover continues the grid pattern and includes the IBM logo with the part number of the book, its print date, a statement that the book was printed in the "USA" and a bar code for the book number. Chapter title—Large bold Arial letters with the chapter title on the left margin and the chapter number on the right and a double ruled line below.

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Steps—Instructions sequences are introduced with a gerund-phrased heading in the bold font. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan. Business Continuity Plan Template. Business Requirements Specification Template. A style catalog is also an electronic thing that defines the format and style of textual elements such as headings, headers, footers, lists, paragraphs, tables, and so on.

The book title is used for both the left and right footers: Styles help you create a user guide more efficiently; styles also help you maintain consistency in the format and style of that user guide. A well-designed user guide, and a well-designed process to produce that user guide, should include templates and style catalogs. See examples of user guides.

Use headings to mark off key contents of the information so that readers can find it quickly. Bill of Materials Template. When everybody is satisfied with the draft of the user guide or worn out or out of time , they sign off on the user guide, and it can then go into "production," which means producing the finished bound copies or the PDF that is made available to users. The section begins with its own title page on which is displayed the word "Notices" in a large serif font in the upper right corner and with a grid and shading design similar to that on the front cover.

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Headings—First-level headings are about 1 point smaller than chapter titles, left aligned, with a solid ruled line just below. Bold is used for simple emphasis. need help writing a research paper an introduction Actual steps use a number in the same smaller font without a period. Highlighting—Text that users must type uses a sans serif type probably Arial as do screen buttons, options, field names, and system messages.

However, the prototype uses "greeked" text also known as Lorem ipsum like the following, instead of real text: An important part of user guides—in fact, of almost any technical document—is the process that produces it:. Substeps or alternate subtasks use infinitive phrasing with the same font but smaller and are punctuated with a colon. writing custom essay vocabulary list Configuration Management Plan Template. Appendixes—The book ends with two appendixes:

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Provide statistical information and other such details in easy-to-access table form. In user guides, tables are particularly useful whenever reference-type information must be presented. For an overview of these elements, see the page-design chapter in this online textbook.

If you are working freelance or as part of an independent documentation firm, you may have to write a documentation proposal in an effort to win a contract to do a certain technical documentation project. The paragraphs of the edition notice states that the book is provided "as is" without any warranty, that the book is for multiple models of the product and that portions of it may not refer to the reader's own particular model. Information and programs provided by hcexres prismnet.

The hanging-head format is used. Components of User Guides As a book , a user guide must have some combination of the standard book-design components such as the following: It is uses consecutive page numbering throughout the book and is about pages long.

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